HTML5 • CSS3 • Ajax • jQuery • JavaScript • ASP.NET • SQL • PERL • Java • C++ • C#

All those buzzwords... they don't mean very much to the average business owner. We won't confuse you with a bunch of technical terms and acronyms. We want to learn about you and your business, and through a regular conversation, devise a plan to help you succeed.

During the discovery phase, we will ask you about your needs, wants, and desires, then offer our suggestions and estimated prices for some different options. If you need to manage your own web site content, then AIMS Active Editor is a great choice. No programming skills are required to update your web site with new text and pictures. If you can click and type, you can update your web site.

Next comes the design phase, where we will work closely with you to create a design that matches your branding and enhances your business.

Last comes the programming phase, where we create a clean, fast, easy to navigate web site that accomplishes your business goals. It is during this phase that we will optimize your site for the Search Engines (SEO) and inquire about keywords that are important to successfully market your site to the right audience.

Once the programming is completed and paid for, the site becomes your property. We will gladly host it for you as long as you like, and we will strive to help you succeed on the World Wide Web, but if you ever decide to move your site to another provider it is yours to take. We don't lock you into a long-term contract, either - simply pay month-to-month.

In our fast-paced connected world of computers, tablets, and smartphones, your web site will likely be the first impression your potential clients have of your business. It's more important than ever before to make that first impression count! CONTACT US TODAY for your FREE Consultation.