Setting Up Your E-mail in iPhone & iPad

This tutorial shows you how to set up EMAIL for iPhone & iPad to work with your e-mail account.

To Set Up Your E-mail Account in iPhone & iPad:

1. From your home screen, click the Settings button.

2. Click Mail.

3. Click Accounts.

4. Click Add Account.

5. Choose Other.

6. Click Add Mail Account.

7. Enter Your Name, Email Address, Password, and a Description. The Description can be anything you want and is only used to reference the account (helpful if you add multiple email accounts). Click Next.

8. Choose POP or IMAP.

POP - Downloads new messages to your device.

IMAP - Accesses your email account directly from the mail server. You can sync multiple devices using IMAP, and all your devices will be able to view your emails since they are managed on the mail server. You will need to delete some emails periodically to avoid exceeding your storage space.

Enter Host Name (, User Name (your full email address), and Password for both INCOMING MAIL SERVER and OUTGOING MAIL SERVER. Click Save.

9. Click Yes.


11. Under PRIMARY SERVER,, click On.

12. Finally, make sure your User Name and Password are entered, set Authentication to Password, Check that Server Port is 587. Next, click Done.

Exit out of Settings and open your Mail App. Your email account should now be in your list of Mailboxes.