Content Management Made Easy!

Keeping your web site fresh and current can be a daunting task, especially if you are having to relay your information to a web programmer and PAY for their time. With AIMS Active Editor, you can easily update your web site from any web browser at any time, and because you are doing the work, you don't have to pay a programmer.

If you can click and type, you can edit your web site.
  • Format Text
  • Change Fonts
  • Upload and Insert Images
  • Insert YouTube Videos
  • Insert links
  • Create Tables
  • ...and more
We have several design options available for the AIMS Active Editor platform, from a basic do-it-yourself template to a fully customized design. We will even add your initial content for you so you have a finished web site from the start, then all you have to do is keep it current.

Regularly updating your content not only keeps your site fresh and viewers coming back, but also has the added benefit of letting the Search Engines know your site is active and relevant. That can really help you move up in the Search Engine rankings.